May 19, 2024
It is like you have to satisfy your partner full

It is like you have to satisfy your partner full

In this long term lockdown, I know couples haven’t get those steamy feelings. This COVID -19 not only affects the economy or other things, but it also affected sex life too.

In this pandemic, Singles also quarantined alone and they still, aren’t able to go anywhere else, which they can experience in daily life before COVID-19.

44% study says that at this time nobody thinking about having sex while they are quarantined, only married couples able to do that.

Pros. and Cons. don’t have sex for a long time?

  • Con: Feeling More Stressed:- When you do not have this for a long time you will feel totally stress, Couples and married peoples should have this once in 1 or 2 months. Sometimes better sex always gives your mind and body calmness. realizing your sperm in a healthy way may also improve your health. Do not do masturbation, only in two or three weeks.

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