February 21, 2024


As you know, most boys follow a woman. If you do not believe it, then why not go and ask a girl yourself. It is a strange thing that in some cases people do not know about girls. While the truth is that whenever a man talks to a girl in an unknown way, he is very strange. When you do this for the first time, it affects their daily lives. And when you do it a second time, they find it very strange that they feel discomfort because of you.


If you ask yourself if you have caused inconvenience to a woman, then definitely yes. This is not a crime, but it is not that your behavior is good. In order to save your pretentious image in the eyes of the girl and to understand the woman you are trying to talk to, we have some things in this article for you that women like and which you know about. Here are some real women’s experiences with their quotes.

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1.     Chase (real life or online)

There was something)

“Once a man went to my friend’s office and asked for my number from him.

I think he followed me on instagram or Facebook. But yes, they saw me in

 a program but they didn’t talk to me there. But they went to my friend

 to ask me to talk Me and my brother we were already sure that they

were following me due to which I was very angry”

Like you all know that nowadays everyone is on the internet and if you are a girl then most of people keep collecting some information about you. These days it’s common to follow you on the internet. But it is not limited to those people who are looking for you on social media. There are some people who message you after finding you.


This type of online stalking is dangerous for most women. If you think this is a romantic time, and you will get a chance to talk by doing something like this, so forget it. Doing this makes your image worse. If you are also doing something like this, then leave it and give yourself some time.

2. Step a little further

(Suppose that)

“If I accept the friend request of that boy, then that

  boy will like all photos of me and message me by saying

 ‘Hello sexy or hottie’ with a list, then I will unfriend and

  block that boy directly. You know that Facebook is not an

  online dating site. When men use it in this way, it becomes

  very frightening.”

So guess from this that if you are doing something like this with a girl, then you become worse in their eyes.


  3. What you should do

First of all, if your behavior is good with everyone, then you are a good man in everyone’s eyes. And if you like a girl, then you should talk to them normally and tell them your feelings, then tell them that you should think about it (but you never pressurize the girl). With this, you will not become bad in the eyes of that girl and she will start thinking about you as well.

What you should do
What you should do

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