April 21, 2024

I believe that love is never understood by anyone. And if you want to consider it, then there is a need for someone else to succeed in it. Love always gets out of your control at the last. But you must know the saying (Heart wants what heart wants).  This means that many people make their own agreements with their partners to spend a long time with them. Although these agreements themselves are not good for them. You can compromise with yourself to spend your time with them but as time goes by, you will lose your patience and anger. When you are unable to resolve this situation and you are thinking about committing suicide due to being very unhappy. So, to resolve this situation and find out your relationship, whether they are right for you or not, read the topic below carefully.

How to know that your relationship is not right?

Some things that will tell you that your relationship is not good for you

Assuming that your relationship is not right for you and you should take the time to understand it. We can explain to you whether they are right for you by the topic given below.

1.  Fight each other for no reason

Maybe if you or your partner is always right or wrong. This is true, Many times your quarrels get so much that you do not want to correct those things and want to keep your side up. But you do not know that you may be wrong. You continue to fight regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

2. You will stop respecting each other

Suppose that when your closest friend is in trouble. You reach out to him and think about solving his problems and give him the whole thing whether he knows you are with him or not. And if you are with your partner and she is in some kind of pain, then you fight with her first, then treat her badly and do not respect her.

You will stop respecting each other

3. You’re in relationship but you feel alone

You don’t feel lonely when you’re in relation. But when you feel lonely despite being with your partner it is really very sad. Does your distance start increasing when you are in a bed with your partner or sitting with them?

This is because your partner is not with you emotionally or personally at that time. Whereas a good couple is as passionate about the outside world as they are with you. If this is not happening to you, then you can get out of safety.

4.  Is your relationship violent in any way

However, there are fewer chances that your partner is violent with you, and if you are afraid of going somewhere with him or going to a party. This time hurts your thoughts and respect, and then this time is the biggest reason for leaving your relationship.

Is your relationship violent in any way

If you have received some help from these subjects, we are very happy to help you.

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