February 20, 2024

After a long time, I was just swapped out with all the workload and tensions. My friends and colleagues who worked with me have made. a plan for the trip to Shimla. I use to neglect everything in my life because I have that kind of nature, do not meet with lots of guys and do not interested to make so many friends in life. But this is the time that I never able to say no, to the terms. So I just make myself To persuade for the trip.

So before my trip will start, I would like to share some of the joyful moments with you. We are three to five persons who went from Delhi to Shimla in the car.

We had all the joy in the car. Dance, party, drink everything. So we take rest in a hotel. In the hotel, a mysterious think will happen.

We just having dinner on the table, It was the too-long distance which we covered in a day. So now its Night Time around nine’o clock. We all were very hungry and waiting for dinner at the table.

First Look of her make me crazy by the way? If A Girl Asks You Out

Actually, I took my eyes on the left side. There was a girl sitting there, and she held a cup of coffee. You exactly know-how was the Delhi “Boys”, They are little crazy about the things, about flaunty nature and all that. She again looked at me. I totally wonder that somebody really looks at me. I was just doing gossips with my friends and told one of them that she is currently looking at me?. what is going on?. He Shouts among them all and they started making fun of me. I totally feel embarrassed about them.

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I just stand from there and go to the bathroom side. Incidentally, what happens you know she is also there. I was totally shocked to see her. I just starting out stutter, the words just flip from my mouth. What to say? what is happen? i totally empty.

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