February 21, 2024

Welcome to the Sex dating delight. Here we will tell you some tips and tricks about dating. As you know, sometimes such tricks are not easy to understand. Surely our Sexdatingdelight wants to explain to you what to say or what not to say and what you have to do.

There are some things that are important to you. The most common of them is that you do not want to break the friendship with your friend. What if your feelings suddenly raise for your friend’s Ex. And you have to ask something about your friend’s Ex.

There are some guide lines for you in our topic. If you are worried, then you have been told about it well in the given-below topics.

How to convince someone ex to go out

Talk to Your Friend First

It does not matter what the situation is at that time. Your friend is the most important one which is the center of your conversation. Even if you are afraid of talking, you cannot escape your feelings. Just think what will happen to you if she goes to someone else. As we tell you how you should talk.

“Hello Aman, listen, there are things I want to talk to you about.

  As i think Kanika is a good girl. I had to ask you something about it.

  I had to ask you that whenever you go on a date with Kanika,

  how did you feel in passing time with her. I never want to ask you

  anything that makes you sad. I know that you are very important

  to him and to me.”

 Talk to Your Friend First

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You have to convince your friend that he is your first priority. And you will not do anything that spoils your friendship. Tell your friend that you respect your friend’s boundaries. You have to convince that friends are the first for you.

Be transparent with your friend’s Ex

“You have to tell Kanika that, in Kanika, I do not just consider you as a friend.

  I want to take you on a date with me. I have talked to Aman about this

  because I do not want any kind of trouble. I think you will feel strange

  but I do not want to lose this opportunity again.”

Be transparent with your friend's Ex

You have to accept that this is not a good situation. She may be worried thinking that her ex may be angry at both of you. You have to keep in mind of your friend’s EX that they will not mind. And if you ask your friend without discussing it, then she can think that you are talking behind your friend and cheating on her. These are the last things you have to keep in mind.

Let’s think about it another way

Let’s say that he must have kept you in one corner of his mind when he dated your friend. like we do when we date a girl, we think of her friend. When you ask that girl to go out somewhere, then you probably have a romantic nature. But give the girl some time so that she can consider you as a lover of a friend. You have to tell that girl.

Let's think about it another way

“Think you don’t have to answer it immediately.

 Take as long as you think about it.

 But you must think about it.

 You can text or call me whenever you want.”

like you’re smart. She will definitely think about whether she feels the same about you or not. Or does she like to go on a date with you or not.

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