My First Ever Portable Glory Hole

Living as a single woman in a busy city like London is no joke. There are countless responsibilities that bind you from taking time out for yourself. The worst part is seeing your friends hook up every other day, going to clubs, and just living life to the fullest while you’re at home feeding your cats and watching soapy rom com movies that do nothing else than constantly ruin your expectations of waiting for the perfect one.

In a world full of one night stands, infinite hookups, I was still one of those shy people waiting at the end of the line for someone to choose them. However, it all changed when one of my wildest friends got me a portable glory hole store as a gift on my birthday. At first, I had no idea what it was but after they explained it, I was definitely left dumbfounded. 

Using my First Glory Hole

According to my friend’s it was about time, I stepped out of my comfort zone and had some ‘fun’. Needless to say I already knew that but my introvert self wouldn’t agree on getting out of my shell. I was doting on giving the glory hole back but my conscience suggested otherwise. They insisted I go clubbing with them and bring back a hunk that would be more than happy to assist me regarding my little sex toy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of toys (a woman has needs) but this particular one looked too advanced for my taste. Nonetheless, one lucky night all these doubts went to dust. My partner for the night found my little secret under the bed and insisted on giving it a try as he himself never had the chance to use it. After a hundredth negotiations I finally gave in. And let me tell you Oh My God!! I have never felt pleasure the same way before. The rhythm, the power, the intoxication of sex, and possibly the best orgasm of my life that came with it was immaculate.

I was in heaven. The one that almost made me marry the stranger that came home with me that night.

Obsession with Glory hole

The pleasure of anonymous sex that drowned me in the ocean of intimacy remains unmatched. My obsession with my portable glory hole kept increasing over the course of time. It was like a drug and I was its insatiable addict. My glory hole helped increase my confidence and gave me a new surge of boldness. The smooth fabric and its adjustability made it unstoppable to not keep using it. The pleasure I received was addictive enough to convince me to buy one of the public glory holes that can get used for public taboo adventures. 

Personal growth

I can only vaguely remember the woman I used to be. Sulking in the corner of my house, single, shy, and nowhere near the woman I am today. Bold, fearless, confident, and not to mention engaged. I found my soul mate during my wild escapades and the funny thing is my glory hole brought us closer than we ever could be.

I would definitely recommend everyone to at least try a glory hole product once in their life. They’ll be surprised by the outcomes and the several benefits that come with it. Also, I found out there are a diverse range of these products that are ideal for everyone’s taste and preferences. Some brands also offer gay glory holes and other wild and fascinating varieties. If you’re someone who’s still doting on whether to step foot in this community or not, from my personal experience I would say go for it.

You only live once right? So, why not live life to the fullest and make the most out of your crazy life. We all deserve some love and craziness that will make cherishing memories in the coming future. Head on over to your nearest glory hole shop and enjoy all the glory that comes your way.

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